Jodi Peters

Advisor to Professional Service Firms

Professional Service Firms

Business ManagementProfessional service firms – lawyers, medical practitioners, accountants and the like – generally have one thing in common: they do customised work. On the whole, they employ staff who possess specialist knowledge or skills, and apply their education and training to create different outcomes for different clients.

I advise these professional service firms on how they can operate more effectively,  and more profitably in the following areas:

Practice Establishment

Business ModelIt’s all in the planning. I’ll help you determine your market, identify risk , establish an appropriate financial and organisational structure, and plan for the right level of resourcing (staff, administrative and systems).

Organisational structures

Organisational structures can be flat, triangular, or whatever shape best fits your business. I will help you identify and design the structure that meets your needs and business goals.

Financial Management

Cash FlowBudget Development and Cash Flow Management:  This includes planning, debt recovery, and appropriate cash flow controls.

Expenditure Control:  Expect to be surprised where savings can – and should – be made!

Income Generation:  This is an art form. The art of being clever, not working harder.


I’ll help you to understand and manage your client base; know who your referrers are, and those most valuable to the business. This includes designing and implementing a client review processes and managing your client development.

Professional Staff ManagementProductivity

I can show you how to avoid the expense and disappointment of appointing non-performers, and implement performance management systems for excellence.

Systems and Processes

I undertake administrative health checks, suggest improvements, put in place essential policies and procedures, stream-line operations and help save you dollars.

Outsourcing management

Is this the best option for your business? Knowing when to outsource and how to make suppliers a valuable part of your team can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.

Tender Writing

For 10 years I have been drafting tenders for a multi-national company with over 50,000 employees – the world’s biggest food retail outlet operators at airports, railway stations and motorway stops – as well as several commercial and not-for-profit service providers. I can decipher the lingo and interpret what is required. I am skilled at managing the whole tender process from the strategic level right through to making sure your submission is in the tender box by the deadline.

Special Projects

Just brief me and I’ll run with it.

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