Jodi Peters

Advisor to Not-For-Profit Organisations

Not-For-Profit Organisations

PerformanceIn the last twenty years I have chaired or sat on a number of boards of not-for-profit organisations; and I have consulted to many others across a number of different industries.

I have facilitated strategic planning meetings, been involved in CEO recruitment and performance management, facilitated organisational structural changes, drafted induction procedures and governance policies and put together numerous tenders in this sector.  

It is this experience I bring to the table.


StratgySound strategy is essential to the success of any organisation and the foundation for high performance.  I assist organisations in making critical decisions about direction, including setting goals and determining the required resources.


It is one thing to have a great plan, but is the organisation implementing the plan?  I provide assistance to align the organisation’s strategies with its operations. 

Organisational structuresAudit

I can help your organisation to stream-line its structure.  Flat, triangular, or whatever – together, we can design the shape that meets your needs.

Financial Management

Budget Development and Cash Flow Management:  This includes planning, debt recovery, and appropriate cash flow controls.

Expenditure Control:  Expect to be surprised where savings can – and should – be made!

Systems and Processes

I undertake administrative health checks, suggest improvements, put in place essential policies and procedures, stream-line operations and help save you dollars.

Outsourcing management

Is this the best option for your business? Knowing when to outsource and how to make suppliers a valuable part of your team can make a substantial difference to your bottom line.


Many not-for-profit organisations struggle with governance. Boards of well-meaning volunteers often need the assistance of a trusted, objective advisor. I can assist with:

  • Board self-assessment and reviews
  • Skills audit
  • Director protection
  • Board composition, selection and induction
  • CEO selection, remuneration and review
  • Strategic planning facilitation
Tender Writing

I’ve done it for numerous not-for-profit organisations. I can decipher the government lingo and interpret what is required. I am skilled at managing the whole tender process from strategic level right through to making sure is it in the tender box by the deadline.

Special Projects

Just brief me and I’ll run with it.

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